Frequently Asked Questions

Create and Schedule Transaction (CaST) FAQs

  • What is CaST?

    Create and Schedule Transaction (CaST) is a facility where a Distributor / RIA can create and schedule a transaction to be executed on a defined future date to better manage future cash flow situations. For e.g.

    • If some funds are expected to be available for investment on a future date, a purchase transaction can be scheduled to be executed on an appropriate date to utilise those funds using this facility.
    • If there is a planned cash out flow (payments like EMI, rent, premium etc.) on a future date, a redemption transaction can be scheduled to be executed on an appropriate date.

    Currently, the scheduled date of the transaction should not be beyond 5 years.

  • What is CaSTplus? New

    CaSTplus is an enhanced version of CaST where a transaction can be created and scheduled to be executed repeatedly on defined future dates/frequency.

  • Can the Distributor/RIA use this facility for a client?


  • Can the Investor use this facility?

    Yes. This option is available to the investors under their login.

  • How can a transaction be created under CaST / CaSTplus?Updated

    A button will be available as ‘CaST’ alongside the ‘Submit’ in the order entry screen. On clicking the ‘CaST’ button, the user will be asked to capture the CaST mode as ‘ONCE’ or ‘REPEAT’ and all the details as may be required for submission under the respective option.

  • What is the difference between the CaST Modes ‘ONCE’ and ‘REPEAT’?New

    Under the mode ‘ONCE’, the transaction can be scheduled to be executed only ONCE on a specific date. Under the ‘REPEAT’ mode, the transaction can be scheduled to be executed on multiple instances.

  • How many times can a transaction be scheduled under the ‘REPEAT’ mode?New

    Under the ‘REPEAT’ mode, there are two sub-modes available as ‘Specific Date’ and ‘Specific Frequency’. By choosing ‘Specific Date’, up to 20 dates can be defined for execution. By choosing ‘Specific Frequency’, the CaST can be scheduled under Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual frequencies.

  • What are the various transactions for which CaST is available?

    CaST is available for Purchases, Redemptions and Switches.

  • What are the various payment modes available for purchase transactions under CaST?

    All the electronic payment modes i.e. Net Banking, RTGS, NEFT & PayEezz are available.

  • How is the investor notified about a CaST order on execution?

    On the scheduled date, the customer is communicated via an email and/or SMS.

  • When does the transaction get time-stamped in case of a CaST?

    Distributor / RIA created CaST will be time-stamped upon customer’s approval. Investor created CaST will be time-stamped on the execution date within cut-off time.

  • Where can the CaST Registrations be seen?

    The CaST Registrations can be viewed under the ‘CaST & CaRT’ menu available under the Tracker/Status Book.

  • How can one know the status of the CaST order?

    The CaST Registration status can be viewed in the ‘CaST & CaRT Book’. Upon execution, it is shown as ‘Executed’ and an icon is provided under the options menu to link to the order book to view the executed order. If the order is not yet executed, then the status remains as ‘Scheduled’ and additionally the numbers of days pending for execution is also displayed.

  • Can a CaST Registration be modified / cancelled and till when?Updated

    Yes, the CaST Registration can be modified / cancelled before it is executed if the CaST mode is ‘ONCE’. If the CaST mode is ‘REPEAT’, the Registration can be modified / cancelled before the 1st execution takes place. Once the 1st execution has been done, modification of the CaST Registration is not permitted but the CaST Registration can be cancelled and recreated afresh as required.