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Additional KYC, FATCA, CRS & UBO declaration Forms

As per regulations, existing investors in Mutual Funds who have opened their accounts prior to 31st October 2015, have to submit Additional KYC, Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA), Common Reporting System (CRS) declarations and submit Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership (UBO) details (wherever applicable) latest by 31st December 2015. Kindly note that effective January 1, 2016, financial transactions for purchase/switch of Units are liable to be rejected by the Mutual Funds if these details are not updated.

Individual Investors may click here to update the FATCA details online

To submit the Additional KYC, FATCA, CRS declarations for Individual investors, download this form FATCA-CRS-Addl KYC Declaration-Individual
To submit the Additional KYC, FATCA, CRS & UBO declarations for Non-Individual investors, download this form FATCA-CRS-UBO-Addl KYC Declaration-Non Individual