Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can register for MFUBOX?

    MFDs/RIAs who are registered with MFU can avail the facility.

  • I have not registered with MFU. Can I register for MFUBOX alone?

    No. One needs to register with MFU for MFUBOX access.

  • What are the browser requirements for accessing MFUBOX?

    MFUBOX is compatible with all the major browsers – Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome and Firefox etc.

  • I am an existing user of MFU platform. Will I get auto access to MFUBOX?

    No. For access to MFUBOX ARN/RIA must subscribe separately.

  • Do I have to maintain separate user ID and password to login to MFUBOX?

    No. You can access to MFU BOX with the existing login ID.

  • Whether MFUBOX is desktop-based application?

    No. It is cloud based and can be accessed through Internet with adequate bandwidth.

  • Is MFUBOX only used for managing mutual fund data?

    Yes. The MFUBOX is applicable only for managing Mutual fund data.

  • Can MFD/RIAs do online transactions from MFUBOX?

    No. For Transaction(s) MFD/RIAs have to use MFU Platform.

  • How secured is Customer Data?

    The Customer Data are stored in a secured and dedicated environment allocated to each MFD/RIA. All standard cloud security practices are followed.

  • Whether the business continuity Plan is available for continued application access for MFUBOX?

    Yes. The Application access is available seamlessly through Alternate BCP infrastructure in case of any issue in the Primary Infrastructure.

  • How often the data received from the registrars are updated in MFUBOX?

    The data updates will happen periodically depending on the frequency of the reports received from the RTAs.

  • Does MFUBOX has goal-based investment tracking?

    Yes, with MFUBOX MFD/RIA can define Goals and track the actual investments.

  • Does MFUBOX supports multi-ARN with single subscription?

    No. Currently does not support multi-ARN.

  • What are the Plans available in MFUBOX?

    Currently MFU offers two plans namely, Pro and Pro+. Click here to know more.

  • Does MFUBOX allows plan upgrade?

    Yes, the plan upgrades are available. For details contact MFU BDM team.

  • Does MFUBOX supports Transfer of AUM?


  • How to raise for any Queries/Feedback related to MFU BOX?

    Queries/ Feedback can be reported via CenCoM or by calling MFU Helpdesk +91 22 6134 4316.

  • Is there a provision in MFUBOX to give access to our clients?

    Yes. You can allow your clients to login to MFUBOX.

  • How our mutual fund data will be updated in the MFUBOX?

    The mutual fund data is updated based on the mail-back reports received from RTAs.

  • Do MFUBOX offer auto-upload facility of mail-back reports?


  • Is it possible for advisors to schedule reports for their clients?

    No. Currently the above feature is not available.