Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is SIPSaS?

    SIP Stop and Start (SIPSaS) is a facility where you can Stop and Start your Live / Active / Running SIPs in a single screen through single transaction.

  • How do I register for SIPSaS?

    SIPSaS provision is available as an action button in Systematic Order Book against each active SIP ITRN.

  • Is this facility available in Mobile App?

    Yes, SIPSaS feature available in goMF Mobile App as well.

  • What are the benefits of SIPSaS?

    You can Pause / Skip your Live / Active / Running SIPs on the fly. Also restart the same in same screen through a single instruction.

  • Is this facility available to all Investors?

    Currently we have enabled this facility for Individual CAN holders only.

  • Can SIPSaS request once initiated be cancelled?

    SIPSaS request once approved cannot be cancelled.

  • Is SIPSaS facility available for all SIPs?

    SIPSaS facility is available for SIPs registered through MFU.

  • What are the criteria for successful registration of SIPSaS

    The following criteria shall be satisfied to successfully register SIPSaS:

    1. If no instalment(s) fall due within the Stop and Start period, then the SIPSaS registration will not be accepted as effectively there are no instalments to stop.
    2. There shall be a gap of 15 days between the effective Stop date and the effective Start date.
    3. As at the effective Start date, the SIP shall meet the new SIP registration criteria (like minimum number of instalments, minimum amount, etc) as applicable for the scheme.
    4. There should be a minimum of 6 instalments remaining in the current SIP for that SIP to be eligible for SIPSaS.
  • Can I use SWAPPayEezz using SIPSaS?

    No. SwapPayEezz can be used for Live / Active / Running SIP only.

  • What are the various options available?

    There are two options available under SIPSaS.

    1. Stop and Start – Using this option investor will be able to stop the Live / Active / Running SIPs and also provide the SIP re-start date. Post that date it will automatically re-start / re-register the SIP. Further this option has the following sub options:
      1. Start After N Instalment – means user can skip specific number of instalments
      2. Start by Adhoc Date – means user can re-start / re-register the SIP from this date
      3. Start by Period Type – Means user can re-start / re-register the SIP after specific number of weeks / months
    2. Stop and Start Later – Using this option investor will be able to stop the Live / Active / Running SIPs. The user has a choice to come back in future whenever they desire and re-start the SIP with a couple of clicks.
  • After stopping SIP, when it restarts, should the investor approve the transaction again?

    No, the approval is taken in the SIPSaS transaction itself. So no need to approve it again.

  • How SIP Stop and Start later option functions?

    Under this option, SIP registration will be cancelled/stopped and intimation is sent to RTA. The SIP will be registered afresh on 15 days prior to the scheduled date of resumption as determined by the system based on the options chosen while registering the SIPSaS.

  • How will the SIPSaS shown in the account statement?

    The Account Statement issued by the AMC will show “stop” as SIP Cancelled and when the SIP is “started” as per the transaction, it will show as SIP Registered. The exact representation in the statement may however vary AMC to AMC.

  • How many times investor can use /extend SIPSaS facility?

    There is no limit on the same.

  • Is this facility available in Physical mode?

    No. SIPSaS is available only in digital / electronic mode.

  • How many days prior to the instalment date SIPSaS to be submitted?

    SIPSaS is to be submitted (approved by all CAN holders) at least 7 calendar days before the instalment date.

  • What will be the effective date of the Stop instruction?

    The Stop instruction will be given effect to after processing the instalments for which debit instructions have already been raised. Accordingly, if chosen to start, the effective start date will be determined by the system based on the effective stop date and other related options.

  • Is SIPSaS allowed for Special Products?


  • Is SIPSaS available for all frequencies?


  • Whether I will get notifications from MFU for SIP Stop & Re-start / re-registration?

    Yes. Necessary intimation will be sent to investor via email.