Frequently Asked Questions

System FAQs

  • What is MF Utility?

    MF Utility (MFU) is an innovative “Shared Services” initiative by the Mutual Fund industry under the aegis of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), which acts as a “Transaction Aggregation Portal” through which a Mutual Fund customer is enabled to transact in multiple schemes across Mutual Funds using a single form/payment.

  • How does it work?

    It provides browser based access to Mutual Fund customers, with connectivity to Registrars and Transfer Agents (RTA), Banks, Asset Management Companies (AMC), Payment Gateways (PG) and KYC Registration Agencies (KRAs) and enables online transaction submission in multiple schemes across Mutual Funds through a single form/payment.

  • Who operates and owns MF Utility?

    MF Utility (MFU) is operated by MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd (MFUI) which is equally owned by the Participating AMCs.

  • What are the features of MF Utility?

    MF Utility (MFU) provides a whole lot of features to the Mutual Fund customers like:-

    • Provides Common Account Number (CAN) facility to Investors
    • Provides standardization of forms, processes and MIS across the industry
    • Provides multiple modes of access and transaction submission options
    • Provides broad and neutral Points of Service (POS) footprint for enhanced coverage
    • Enables transactions through a common transaction form
    • Enables single payment for multiple scheme investments across various Mutual Funds
    • Provides CAN based consolidated view of investments across the industry
    • Provides industry level alerts, triggers, reminders etc.
    • Provides a centralized complaint management and tracking system
  • What are the different transactions enabled through MF Utility?

    MF Utility (MFU) will facilitate the following through the Portal:-

    • Common Account Number (CAN) registration for Investors
    • Submission of documents to KRAs for KYC Registration for those investors who are seeking CAN creation
    • Commercial transactions like Purchases, Redemptions, Switches and Scheduled transactions
    • Registration of Systematic Transactions like Systematic Investments (SIP) using a PayEezz Mandate, Systematic Withdrawals (SWP) and Systematic Transfers (STP)
    • Non-commercial transactions (NCT) like Bank Account changes, facilitating change of address through KRAs etc. based on duly signed written requests from the Investors
  • What is a CAN?

    CAN (Common Account Number) is an industry level Folio allotted by MF Utility (MFU) to an investor. It is a combination comprising of the following:-

    • Number of Investors i.e. 1 or 2 or 3
    • Order of holding i.e. A; A&B; A,B&C; B; B&A; B,C&A; C; C&B; C,A&B; and so on
    • Mode of holding i.e. Single, Joint and Anyone or Survivor
    • Social (Tax) Status i.e. Individual, Company, Non-Resident etc.,

    Using a CAN, the investors will be able to submit single request for multiple transactions in various schemes across Mutual Funds using a single form/payment.

    Non Individual CAN Registration Forms are available for download. Submit the filled in CAN Registration form along with required documents at the nearest MFU POS or at MFU office.

  • What is a POS?

    POS (Point of Service) is a front-office facility offered by MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd (MFUI) in various locations across the country to enable Mutual Fund customers to submit their transactions. An MFUI POS will accept transactions across Mutual Funds participating in MFU. The current MFU POS locations are published here.

  • Which are all the Mutual Funds available through MFU for transactions?

    Please visit Participating AMCs under Corporate section of our website for the list of AMCs who are participating in MFU. All Schemes of these AMCs are available for transaction through MFU.

  • What is Dynamsoft Service?

    It’s a browser plug-in that handles document scanning designed for desktop web browsers.

  • How do I download Dynamsoft in our system?

    To know the steps to install Dynamsoft please click here.

  • Are there any charges to use Dynamsoft service?


  • Why do I need to install Dynamsoft Service?

    MFU has procured Dynamsoft software to support the image scanning / viewing ability in non-IE browsers. (Currently this software component has been tested in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox).

  • Why Internet Explorer(IE) is not included in browser list?

    Microsoft has withdrawn Support for IE w.e.f 15th June 2022.

  • Is Dynamsoft Service available on MobileApp?

    The facility of scanning and viewing of images is not available on MobileApp.

  • What image file format are supported by MFU using Dynamsoft?

    Images like TIFF, GIF, JPG / JPEG, PNG and BMP are supported by the Dynamsoft service. Wherever multiple pages are uploaded TIFF is the only format supported.