What is the MFU KYC Module all about?

MFU KYC is a unique module in the industry wherein a Mutual fund Distributor or a Registered Investment Advisor registered with MFU Platform can also initiate the KYC process for their investors desire to invest in mutual fund schemes.

What are the features of MFU KYC?
  • MFD Driven: MFD Initiates- Investors Approves.
  • Enabled for Individual, NRI & Non-Individual investors.
  • Multiple Proof of Address (POA) types Available.
  • Real Time display of KYC Status for MFDs.
  • E2E Digital Line Remediation and Re- submission.
  • Save Time Data and Docs can be amended & resent.
  • You can initiate Both Online and Offline KYC Option for your investors.
Who can apply for MFU KYC module?

The MFU KYC module is offered to both Mutual Fund Distributors and Registered Investment Advisors/RIA.

How does MFU Online-KYC benefit a mutual fund distributor?

This module supports a seamless KYC onboarding journey with easy remediation process that will fix the current challenges that are being faced by the MFDs today. (PHY+DIGL)

What are the charges the distributor needs to pay and how to process the payment?

The subscription fee till 31st March 2024 is ₹ 999 + GST (₹ 1179), you can pay via NEFT/RTGS or UPI/QR Code.

    Beneficiary Name MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd
    Bank & Branch Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
    Current Account No. 5812684257
    IFSC/NEFT/RTGS Code KKBK0000958
  • UPI: mfuindia-box@kotak

Note: Once payment is done, please fill the Google Form for MFU KYC Activation.

Do MFD/RIA have to register with MFU to avail MFU KYC module?

Yes, if you are not yet registered with MFU then Click here.

What is the process involved in registering for the MFU KYC?

Once we receive the information from the interested distributor, MFU will send an email with payment details and documents required to enable the MFU BOX KYC from the backend. Once we receive payment and registration details, MFU KYC login will be activated in your MFU Back Office login.

What is the process involved in registering for the e-KYC?

Click here for the process note.

Can multiple MFU KYC login be created by advisor?

No, currently MFU KYC will be activated in one Back Office login of registered user.

Do documents required in google form have any specific format and size?

You can upload attachments in JPG or PNG format with each attachment of maximum 1 MB.

Once registration is done for MFU KYC how long does it take to get the log in access?

Post receipt of Valid Documents, Login will be issued within 48 hours.

Which Investor Tax Status are acceptable for KYC process?

Currently you can create KYC for Resident individuals and Non-Resident Individuals.

Will Non individual and modification of KYC be allowed via MFU KYC?

Currently unavailable, however we shall be enabling Non-Individual and KYC modification soon.

For any assistance or support who does a distributor reach out to

You can mail it to mfuboxkyc@mfuindia.in or call at 022 61344316/022 6290 6382/022 6290 6383.

Will there be a training session for the same?

Yes, we will have regular training sessions. Please contact your respective BDM for the training details.

Once the KYC is done through MFU will the CAN be automatically created?

Post KYC Approval which you can verify in the MFU KYC module screen for the investor, you must do the ECAN creation in the MFU login.

Will a distributor have access to real-time status of the KYC application?

Yes. The distributor can access the status of the KYC application initiated and submitted in real time basis to the know the status of KYC (verified/validated /hold/rejected).

Will the distributor get notification via mail if an investor rejects or approves?

Yes, the distributor shall be updated with the approval and rejection done by the investor via mail.

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