MF Utilities is the unique industry initiative in India

Common Account Number solves multiple problems of Mutual Fund Investors in India

TransactEezz enables Mutual Fund Distributors in India to go paperless

PayEezz can be used as the payment mode for both Systematic and lumpsum subscription transactions

We are extremely glad to welcome Baroda Mutual Fund and LIC Mutual Fund on board into MFU System. The schemes of these Funds are available for transaction from February 14, 2019. * * * Consequent to communication received from NPCI asking us to stop the ePayEezz, we are constrained to discontinue ePayEezz immediately. Further, NPCI has also mandated that all ePayEezz registered between 26 September 2018 and 26 November 2018 should be cancelled by 15 February 2019. For these ePayEezz, necessary physical PayEezz form need to be submitted immediately. Please contact us for any clarification * * * TransactEezz now supports Cheque Payment * * * Check out Distributor Connect Events * * * Use the Connect menu on the top menu bar to lodge a Complaint / Query / Feedback. * * * Create and Schedule Transaction Plus (CaSTplus) released with repeat option. * * * Download the MFU Mobile App now available for iPhone and iPad

Participating AMCs