PayEezz Mandate Registration Forms

PayEezz is a facility offered by MFU under which an investor can register a mandate ONCE. When the Mandate is registered with the bank of the customer, a unique PayEezz Reference Number (PRN) will be communicated to the customer. Using this number, the customer can transact for SIP or lumpsum, wthout any cheque in all participating AMCs. This brings ease and convenience in subscribing for mutual fund units through MFU. This will also enable you to transact paperless.

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To register for PayEezz facility, use this form

Download Form

Investors may also download and use the fillable PayEezz Mandate form

Download Form

Instructions for filling the PayEezz Mandate form

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The duly filled forms should be signed and submitted along with the required documents at any of the MFU Points of Service (POS) or sent to the MFU Office at Thane for the purpose of CAN opening.

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