MF Utilities has been in the forefront of technological innovation in Indian Mutual Fund Industry. Transition to new guidelines - be it Pool Account Discontinuation or 2FA have been implemented quite effectively. Support to partners has been tremendous and they continue to innovate and be ahead of the curve.

Sunil Jhaveri,

Founder, Mister Bond, Haryana

I am associated with MF Utilities since inception. I can proudly say i am the first 50 users from MF Utilties. The best part of MFU is they know how to satisfy the need of the distributors as well as investors. Doing things differently, proactively & efficiently is unmatched part of MFU. They also take every feedback positively and quickly. One of the best and recent example of Pool account implementation of SEBI.

Viral Bhatt,

Founder, Money Mantra, Mumbai

I have been using MFU for over five years now. What stands out is the simplicity of use, right from ease of onboarding clients to transacting, setting up mandates and post transaction service. My business is almost entirely online and MFU has played a vital role in this. Having seen industry operations at close quarters, I can say the MFU team is truly among the most pro-active in resolving issues and follow up. Would recommend fellow MFDs to try and see the ease of doing business with MFU.

Mahesh Mirpuri,

AMFI Registered MFD, Chennai

We are proud users of MF Utility platform for the last 5 years and I must tell you that this is one platform that is scientifically built based on long term requirements of the industry. They go in smaller detail to ensure no loose ends are kept open. All I would like to say, when it comes to Mutual Fund operations “MFU Sahi hai”.

Gajendra Kothari,

MD & CEO, Etica Wealth, Mumbai

I am very proud and happy to say that we use MF UTILITIES as our preferred platform for all our transactions. Since the recently discontinued pool account mechanism of payments, we have had ZERO disruptions and all our transactions are going on smoothly. We strongly recommend everyone to consider MFU too.

Bharat Bagla,

Chief Dreamer, Bees Network Ltd, Kolkata

MFU eliminates the worries of implementation of Investment Process. Especially Scheduled transactions, Step up SIP. Their reaction to adoption of regulatory changes are much faster getting completed ahead of Schedule. It’s very simple & doesn’t need any training to use it’s features. All menus are much user friendly. Resolving the queries too happens much faster.

Shanmugam S B,

Director, Shan Wealth Pvt Ltd, Chennai

We are associated with MFU since 2014 and it has never let us down. Whatever we are today, MFU has played a very vital role. We never faced any issues in client on boarding/transactions and our 99.99% transactions are happening on MFU platform only. Most distributor friendly platform and people at the various level of organization are very cooperative and supportive. Distributors from any location can get associated with MFU and take their business to a next level. We are happy that we choose MFU as our digital partner since the beginning of our MFD journey.

Ram Shah,

Managing Partner, Finedge Servicess LLP, Guwahati

MFU is the most complete Transaction Platform I have ever used. Since I started using MFU, I have noticed a sharp rise in productivity in my office. I am mighty pleased to see the super quick response for the queries raised. With almost 65% of our clients outside Bangalore, the complex task of servicing them is now a breeze since MFU has come into picture. My turnaround time has drastically reduced and helped us focus our time on acquiring clients and increasing our AUM. Thank you MFU. You are a blessing indeed for the Distributor Community.

Srikanth Matrubai,

CEO, Sri Kavi Investment, Bangalore

I am using MFU since inception and feel fortunate to experience complete digital platform with ease. MFU has consistently proven its futuristic foresight with changing times including seamless regulatory changes. I would recommend intermediaries to start using MFU and feel the difference in smooth & value-added transactional experience.

Sanjay Kotkar,

Founder, Opulence Money, Pune

I am very fond of Super heroes and always dreamt of having Super powers to do things in a jiffy. MFU gave me that power. Be it client onboarding, transactions, compliance anything, you can do it very efficiently with the help of MFU. With the help of MFU, I have been able to take my business to 14 states of India and 6 countries across the globe.

Saurabh Bajaj,

Founder & CEO, Nidhi Investments, Mumbai

We are happy users of the MFU platform since 2016. MFU has played a vital part in the growth of our RIA practise. MFU is always responsive whenever any operational challenges arise. We are counting on MFU to continue to power the growth of our practise.

Harsha Roongta,

Founder, Fee Only Investment Advisor, Mumbai

I am using MFU for the last two years. As compared to other platforms, MFU is very user friendly, Menu Transitions are very easy. It's also very handy in changing the Non Financial Transactions across all AMCs in a single shot. Apart from ease of online transactions their service part is excellent. We will get assistance, offline as well as online through whatsapp, telegram, and from MFU portal itself. Most important they adopt the regulatory changes with immediate effect.

A. S. Muralidharran

Founder, Veera Finserve, Chennai

We have been using MFU since the day it became operational for RIAs. It was a boon for our ‘Fee Only Practice’. Their system made it possible for us to scale up. Feature rich, very well conceptualized system with futuristic ‘Payeez and Fee Collection System’ , they handled the teething troubles very well. If you are establishing a Fee Only Practice, we recommend MFU as the go to partner!

Renu Maheshwari,

SEBI Registered Financial Advisor, Finscholraz, Chennai

I am using MFU since Inception. MFU is a user- friendly platform that follows SEBI & AMFI guidelines. Data on the portal of MFU platform is safe and secure. No other platform has such features as compared to MFU. They adopt the regulatory changes with immediate effect and also inform the investors about the same. MFU implemented 2FA quite effectively. MFU also provides training to the MFDs. All I would like to say, MFU is the "BEST" platform for MFDs.

Mahesh Ghattani,

Founder, Balaji Investments, Amravati

I am one of the very early adopter of #MFU in Ahmedbad. It has completely changed the way I think about business. It is fast, professionally managed, 100% digital, error free for onboarding & transactions. MFU CAN is a revolutionary step for mutual fund industry in India. With MFU, I am sure to have multi fold growth in coming years.

Manan Mankad,

AMFI Registered MFD, Ahmedabad

Team Enrichwise has been one of the earliest adopters of MFU technology. A fantastic platform, easy to use and scalable solution has been a boon for our team. Recent implementation of the pool account regulatory change is praiseworthy. A super effective platform and so easy to use is what makes MFU stands apart from its competition. Needless to say support is always a call away. Kudos to MFU team for enhancing transaction experience for distributors and clients.

Kapil Jain

Director, Enrichwise Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

We have been a part of MFU from the onset of its journey. MFU has been one of the pioneers in digitalisation of MFD business and its services have helped us to grow our business manifolds even in the time of pandemic. It is a seamless way of doing FTs and NFTs and brings down operational costs significantly. It offers Services like folios under CAN / OTM-Payezz etc. has provided ease of business. MFU for us has always been “Monetary financial upsurge”

Manish Kr Pandey

Founder & CEO, Fern Wealth Voyagers Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

MFU gives you an edge over the competition with its enhanced technology and user-friendly interface. As an MFD my maximum bandwidth goes towards solving my prospective clients operational queries but post using MFU’s robust platform, all my transactions are running smoothly. Unique Features like swap payees, online NCT, Sip SAS etc are adding simplicity and ease of life from an investment perspective. I would recommend fellow MFDs to start using MFU and see the ease of doing business.

Suraj Jatwani,

AMFI Registered MFD, Faridabad

I've been using MFU since 2018. The DigiCal experience that MFU provides has been really helpful for me in transacting for clients in both physical and digital modes. The implementation of recent SEBI regulations like 2FA was made so smooth that I didn't face any trouble in executing transactions. MFU is making the transaction process very easy and has contributed to my growth constantly over the years.

Amit Karmakar,

AMFI Registered MFD, Howrah

MFU has made our life so simple and easy. We always find it challenging when it comes to cancel the SIP or modify the SIP or simply putting redemption request of client. Thanks to MFU, these day to day works has become a cake walk and we have focused more on building SIP book size and doing more prospecting. I have been able to organise SIP Login days and got a remarkable success all because of the online transaction with MFU. I have started using MFU from 2017 and now my all active clients have CAN. I will highly recommend my fellow MFD friends to use their platform that is more user friendly than any other Exchange promoted platforms, I have used.

Vinod Choudhary

Founder, Investment Junction, Kolkata

"... MFU System is certainly helping distributors who are using it, concentrate more on their business than handling logistics of executing mutual fund transactions and glad that it has opened up a lot of opportunities for IFAs to increase productivity levels.

Especially the TransactEezz facility which is now opened for clients, has virtually helped us go completely paperless in real sense. This has virtually eliminated the need of stacking multiple AMC forms and service requests at our end.

For any new clients or existing for that matter we always insist on opening a CAN as I certainly believe that although it’s a onetime activity in terms of paperwork but then it has more advantages than one."

Mr. Samir Shah

Money Monk Financial - By Email dated 04th March, 2016

"I find TransactEezz feature of the MFU platform for forwarding MF transactions extremely convenient, useful and timesaving. It saves lot of my time and energy. I need not go to investors to collect forms and cheques. If any investor is shy of netbanking facility provided by his bank he can even go to his bank and approve the transaction through NEFT/RTGS within 24 hours. Order book is also separately provided for lumpsum as well as systematic transactions. My investor can send their orders over phone or email. Transactions for multiple folios or MF schemes across the participating AMCs are possible. Executives of MFU are also vefy friendly and co-operative in nature. They attend any queries anytime and keep vigorous follow ups with AMCs for our queries until they are resolved ."


As commented on Wealth Forum on 23rd December, 2015

"I am using MFU for last six months. The service is marvelous and the support which i get is fabulous. i have shifted roughly 50% percent of my existing business to MFU. They are good because they exist only for the mutual fund industry."

Mr. Sandeep Shah

As commented on Wealth Forum on 23rd December, 2015

"... I have been using both the systems NSE & MFU.... MFU though a slow starter but is making steady progress... Their staff and support system is very good and responsive... I am now totally concentrating on MFU and getting all my clients on board MFU... Especially after the latest feature of 100% paperless transactions the system is very robust... Yes there are teething troubles with MFU also... BUT the entire team understands the business very well and any errors are reversed / rectified by them "WITHOUT ANY LOSS TO THE CLIENT" which is a BIG difference. My suggestion is to seriously take a look at the MFU System it is transforming and evolving fast."

M/s. Deontic Advisors

As commented on Wealth Forum on 23rd December, 2015

"... Simultaneously I have been using the MFU system too... I am pretty happy with their response mechanisms... ... I am now completely moving to MFU now."

Mr. Truptesh Shah

As commented on Wealth Forum on 23rd December, 2015

"... What I like most about MFU is the fact that it has got a very dedicated team. I get instant reply to the queries I raise. … The facilities that MFU is offering- the Payeezz and transacteezz facilities are the future of MF Industry. I believe that is how MF transactions will take place in future and I am glad that I am using these facilities right from the day these facilities were launched … The level of automation-It is really amazing how much efforts these people have taken, how small details they have taken in to account and how much easy they have made the platform before launching- things like folio based transactions, automatic cropping and uploading of investor signature are examples of how much care MFU has taken to make it simple for distributors. … Query, Complaint and feedback module- no matter what problem I am facing, if I post my query, feedback suggestion or complaint I always get reply within 24 hours!! ... "

Mr. Sujit Jadhav

As commented on Wealth Forum on 23rd December, 2015

"I really appreciate the work done by MF Utility to bring many AMC's under one roof. And I can understand how tough it must have been for you and your team, to bring the MFU platform where it is today. It gives out a strong signal that the MF Utility is with the distributor fraternity and its best to lower the financial burden of the distributors through online platform which will further help, making the transactions easy and paperless. This will boost IFA's business. It's easy for the investors to process the transactions within the time limit."

Rajen K. Gala

Founder, Wealth Man - By Email dated 06th November, 2015

"It is a very good initiative taken by MFU free of Cost or without any deposit. I am using it, it's a hassle free, convenient, paper less, cost efficient, time saving latest technology adopted by MFU. One can do all the transactions across the AMC with only one Login and Password. No need to submit hard copy to RTA. No signature mismatch. No need to keep records of approval separately.Only submission of One Time Mandate to MFU will serve the requirement of purchase either Lump Sum or SIP across the AMC, no need to submit OTM to each AMC. Approval from investor may be obtained through all the Mode i.e by email, SMS, Phone, Fax etc. My sincere thanks and gratitude to entire MFU Team.

All the Distributors should use the this innovative platform and enhance their reach to investor and increase the volume of business."


As commented on Cafe Mutual article

"At the outset, my sincere thanks to you and to your splendid team – I would like to thank Team MFU who went all out of his way to help and save my day on 10.08.15. I must conclude, using MF Utility platform has been a wonderful experience for me and it’s just a beginning. I have actively started telling my IFA colleagues about the many advantages available to us IFA’s from your platform.

I do hope this high level of service and commitment from MFU continues for mutual growth."

Jiten Arjun Karnani - By Email dated 11th August, 2015

System Downtime Due to Scheduled Database Maintenance From 12th July 2024 23:00 Hrs till 13th July 2024 02:00 Hrs***With a view to improve performance and enhance the high availability of MFU System, it has been decided that transactions older than the previous Financial Year i.e., transaction data prior to 1st April 2022 will be archived on 18th April 2023. * * * “If you have any dispute against a listed company and or its Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (RTA) on delay or default in processing your request, as per SEBI circular dated 30.05.2022, you can file for arbitration with Stock Exchange.” For more details, please see the web links of the stock exchanges: BSE - NSE – * * * Please ensure to validate your Nomination Details registered under CAN. Click here to complete the validation if not already done. * * * Please ensure to verify your Contact Details registered under CAN. Click here to complete the verification if not already done. * * * Check out the Videos about MFU and the features offered. * * * Explore the new and improved Schedule Transactions feature using which you can register a Scheduled Purchase Plan (SPP), Scheduled Redemption Plan (SRP) and Scheduled Switch Plan (SSP) * * * Download the MFU Mobile App Distributor Mobile App goMF available for Android and IoS * * * Use the Connect menu on the top menu bar to lodge a Complaint / Query / Feedback. * * * MPIN / Touch ID based authentication is now enabled on the goMF app. Please update the App to start using this feature.