MF Utility for Distributors / RIAs

MF Utility (MFU) is an innovative initiative from the Mutual Fund Industry which offers convenience to Distributors / RIAs of Mutual Fund schemes. MFU facilitates the distributors / RIAs with online access to submit investor transactions thereby improving the service capability of distributors / RIAs by providing efficiency in handling transactions at their back office with substantial cost savings and also a potential for extended internal cut-offs.

MFU provides a 24x7 universal online access across Mutual Funds with improved visibility to distributors / RIAs with regard to the subscription and redemption requests of their investors, improved MIS and access to validated information and content.

MFU facilitates the investors of the Distributors / RIAs with a Common Account Number (CAN) which enables them to transact in multiple schemes of various Mutual Funds participating in MFU through a single transaction and consolidated payment. This reduces the duplicity of efforts for the investors or distributors / RIAs themselves as they essentially advise the clients to diversify their investments across Mutual Fund schemes.

To register with MFU, please click here to Signup online or fill, sign and send the Sign-up Form to MFU Office.