Associate Sign-up Options

Option 1 - Online Registration

Online Entity Registration offered by MFU is restricted to the following entities:

  • ARN holder with the valid AMFI issued ARN Code
  • SEBI Registered Investment Advisor with the valid RIA Code

This facility allows qualifying entity to submit the fresh registration or to lookup the status of already submitted registration through this feature. Complete your online registration in just four steps:

  1. Fill in the basic details like type of entity, and whether new registration or looking up an already submitted record.
  2. Ensure that the CAPTCHA verification is complete and then click on submit. The system will then prompt a form for capturing the following details:
    1. Entity (Distributor / RIA) Details
    2. Address Details
    3. Contact Details
    4. User Details (Two Admin users are required to complete the registration)
  3. On submission of the required details, an email containing a link for uploading of required documentary proofs will be sent to the given email id. Please note, without the submission of the required documentary proofs, registration will not be approved.
  4. The registration details and the documentary proofs so submitted will be reviewed and if found in order, the registration will be approved.

Entities are requested to please read the Distributor Terms of Service / RIA Terms of Service before proceeding further.

Click here to Sign-up online

Option 2 – Physical Form Submission

Under this option, Entities may submit the duly filled and signed Distributor / RIA Registration Form along with necessary proof documents to MFU Office.