Frequently Asked Questions

MPIN / Touch ID FAQs

  • What is MPIN / Touch ID?

    MPIN is a 4 digit secret code configured as a password for logging in to MFU Portal using a mobile device. Touch ID is the Fingerprint based biometric authentication as supported by a compatible mobile device.

  • How to activate MPIN / Touch ID?

    After logging into the MFU Portal from a mobile device using your user id / password, you can activate MPIN by turning on the Manage MPIN option which is available under the mPIN Settings Menu. Upon turning on, you will be prompted to setup a 4 digit secret code. Once done, your MPIN facility is activated.

    Once MPIN is activated, Touch ID is automatically enabled if your mobile device is equiped and enabled with fingerprint based unlocking.

  • How does the MPIN / Touch ID work?

    MPIN / Touch ID based authentication will be available only on registered devices. On other devices you may continue to login using your user id and password.

    Upon choosing to login to the goMF App on a registered mobile device, if the device is equiped and enabled for fingerprint based unlocking, the App will prompt for Touch ID based authentication, in which case, you may scan your fingerprint as you do for unlocking your device. Upon your mobile OS successfully validating your fingerprint, your authentication will be successful and you will be taken to the dashboard of the App.

    On a registered mobile device where the fingerprint sensor is unavailable or not enabled, the App will by default prompt for the 4 digit MPIN. Authentication will be successful if the MPIN entered matches with that preconfigured. You can also login using MPIN on fingerprint enabled devices as well by cancelling the Prompt for Touch ID.

    You will still have option to use the user id / password combination to login as well, if you prefer so, by choosing the option ‘Login using User ID and Password’.

  • Does MFU store the biometric data associated with Touch ID?

    MFU does not use, process, transmit or store the fingerprint data any manner. Instead, it relies on the mobile device and its Operating System to capture and confirm the successful validation of the same.

  • How do I change my MPIN?

    The MPIN can be changed using the ‘Change MPIN’ option available under the mPIN Settings menu on a registered Mobile device.

  • Can I change my Fingerprint associated with Touch ID?

    MFU doesn’t play a role in changing the fingerprint data associated with Touch ID. To change the fingerprint, you need to use the options provided in the mobile device / OS. The method to change the same may vary depending on the device and OS versions.

  • Can I activate MPIN / Touch ID for multiple devices?

    Yes, considering that an average user may use Mobile and Tablet, MFU currently supports a maximum of two devices per user.

  • How can I deactivate MPIN?

    MPIN facility can be deactivated by turning off the ‘Manage MPIN’ available under the mPIN Settings Menu on the App. While using a registered device, turning off will deactivate the current device. The facility can also be turned off using desktop browser, in which case either or both the registered devices can be deactivated for MPIN using the options available under the Settings Menu.

  • Which mobile devices or Operating Systems are supported?

    All Android devices with OS version 5 & above are verified to support for MPIN. Touch ID feature however depends on the device & OS capability and the user setup on the device.

  • How secure is the MPIN / Touch ID?

    MPIN / Touch ID offers the same level of protection as that of user id and password with an additional restriction of limiting the registered devices to two only.

  • What shall I do if I have lost a registered mobile device?

    You shall immediately login to the portal using a desktop browser and uncheck the relevant device in the ‘Manage MPIN’ section under the Settings Page. The Settings Page can be accessed by clicking on the Settings Icon on the top right of the portal.