Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is CAN?

    CAN is a Common Account Number, which serves as a single reference for all participating Mutual Fund investments with MFUI.

  • What is eCAN?

    eCAN is a facility offered by MFU where investor(s) can submit all the data required for opening a CAN electronically and get a CAN created instantly.

  • What is the difference between an eCAN and regular CAN?

    An eCAN is generated immediately upon submission of the data online either at MFU website or through an Intermediary associated with MFU. Whereas a Regular CAN is created upon investor submitting a duly signed physical CAN Registration Form (CRF) along with documentary proof(s) to an Intermediary associated with MFU or at an MFU Point of Service (POS).

  • How do I create an eCAN?

    You can click here or visit the portal of any Intermediary associated with MFU and offering the eCAN facility. The process of eCAN creation facility offered by different Intermediaries associated with MFU may differ from each other.

  • Who can create an eCAN?

    Currently eCAN facility is offered only to INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR(S) who are KYC compliant.

  • CAN I register a PayEezz along with eCAN registration?

    Currently, PayEezz registration is not enabled along with eCAN registration.

    Investor(s), upon successful approval of the eCAN, submit a duly filled and signed “PayEezz Registration Form” along with a cancelled cheque/copy of a cheque as a Non-Commercial Transaction (NCT) request to an Intermediary associated with MFU or at an MFU Point of Service (POS).

  • What are the document proof(s) required to be submitted for eCAN and how do we submit the same?

    Investors are required to provide the necessary SELF ATTESTED documentary proof(s) as detailed in the eCAN Terms and Conditions. For eCANs, you will be provided links to upload the SELF ATTESTED document proof(s).

  • Can I CLONE the CAN data for creating a different eCAN?

    Yes. Please go through the eCAN Instructions to know the procedure for CLONING CAN data.

  • Can I save the data partially and retrieve it later for completion and submission?

    Yes. Please go through the eCAN Instructions to know the procedure for saving the data partially and retrieving the same later.

  • How can I track the status of my eCAN Registration?

    Please go through the eCAN Instructions to know how to check the status of your eCAN Registration. An email is also sent to the investor upon successful registration

  • Can I transact immediately after I receive the eCAN?

    Yes. The CAN allotted to you is only PROVISIONAL. The same will be approved after necessary verification by the MFU team. You will be able to register the purchase transaction along with provisional eCAN after uploading necessary proof documents. Upon CAN approval by MFU, a transaction approval link will be triggered to investor. Refer the eCAN Instructions on how to submit a Purchase transaction along with the eCAN.

  • How long will it take for the eCAN to be approved by MFU?

    Subject to all the required information along with necessary documentary proofs for approving the eCAN being available and in good order, if the eCAN is:

    1. Accompanied with Transaction – it will be prioritized for approval within the business hours.
    2. Not accompanied with Transaction - approval may take up to one business day.
  • What could be the reasons for the delay in eCAN activation by MFU?

    The following are some of the reasons that may delay the activation of eCAN by MFU:

    1. Non-availability / delay in upload of the required SELF ATTESTED proof documents by the investor.
    2. Submitted data being incomplete or incorrect
    3. Non-availability / delay in receipt of the existing folio data from the RTAs of the participating AMCs.
    4. Non-availability / delay in receipt of the KYC data / image downloads from the KRA.
  • Can I transact in existing Folio while submitting transaction with eCAN?

    No. Currently eCAN with Transaction facility is available for NEW Folio only. If you are transacting in multiple schemes of the same AMC In that order using this facility, AMC may create multiple folios as per transaction.

    For transacting in an existing folio, you need to wait till the eCAN is approved and the folio is mapped to the CAN, which normally takes less than 48 hours.